Delivering an extraordinary commitment to the patient's ultimate physical and mental performance.

Dr. Rodriguez has created and combined a unique set of medical protocols to elevate patients to their optimum state of health.  The systems have been fine tuned for athletes, executives, celebrities and performers who challenge themselves daily to achieve their ultimate levels of performance.  Dr. Rodriguez fine tunes each custom evaluation through extensive medical research, applied innovation and superb patient interaction.

Dr. Katherine Rodriguez

Doctor of Medicine

Ross University School of Medicine
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Florida State University
Degrees in Biology and Middle-Eastern Studies

Medical Skills

Stem Cell Therapies


Sexual Dysfunction


Age Management


Pain Management


Weight Loss


Sound Wave Pulse Therapy

Certified in low-intensity sound wave pulse treatments and platelet-rich plasma injections for sexual dysfunction in males and females.

Stem Cell Therapy

Certified in the harvesting process of stem cells from adipose tissue and bone marrow aspirate. Reference: Guenwald, I, et al. Shockwave treatment of erectile dysfunction.  Ther Adv Urol. 2013 Apr;5(2):95-9.

Medical Aesthetics

A suite of specialties that focus on improving cosmetic appearance through the treatment of conditions that can significantly improve quality of life, psychological wellbeing and social function.

Weight Loss

Clinically proven weight loss solutions customized to your own personal needs, outlook and performance goals.  Procedures and treatments may include Phentermine,  Suprenza, HCG, Adipex P and Lomaira.

Age Better

A combination of medical procedures specifically formulated and administered sequentially to reduce the appearance of aging while invigorating the body and mind.  Recapture and maintain the elements that define your vitality.

Pain Management / Medical Cannabis Recommendations

Medical cannabis recommendations for pain management and use for debilitating medical conditions including Cancer, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, PTSD, Parkinson's Disease,  Crohn's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and ALS.

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